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Can You Go Back To Training Straight After A Sports Massage?

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A massage is a very suitable and drug-free treatment to cure any ailment or injury. Sports therapy, like any other therapy, is a kind of physical therapy that is specifically for athletes who engage in extreme physical endeavours. But remember that this massage is not limited to the athletes only. The sports therapist use multiple approaches to support flexibility and prevent physical injuries. Sports massage therapy mainly focuses to relieve pain, muscular tension, and muscle fatigue. But there are many question that people have in their minds regarding the sports therapy they do not find answers of, like:

Can You Go Back To Training Straight After A Sports Massage?

The straight forward answer to the above question is NO. You must never go to training right after a sports massage. Some people think that they have gotten relief, and there is nothing that can stop them from doing what they can. Hold up, as you have gotten massage to relieve the muscles, and you need a bit of rest to let the effects of massage stand for the long term. While it is crucial to keep your body moving, you should refrain from doing an intense workout or training. Experts say that you should wait at least 24 hours to do exercises after a sports massage, especially when it is a deep tissue massage.

 Many people see their favourite sports stars on TV, getting a 2 minutes massage and getting active on the ground fields. Many people question what massage athletes get on the field and immediately start-up? Remember, they get a physical massage for restoring energy levels quickly and inhibit inflammation in the muscles. They go on the field because that is the need of the minute. On the field, they do not get the massages that make them fit for a long time. Therefore, if you have gone through a sports massage, you should refrain from training, workout, and any other labour-intensive task. However, it is okay to do a slightly lighter exercise.

If Not Training, What Should I Do After A Massage? 

Obviously, you cannot do training after a sports massage, but you should keep your body moving and do the following things after sports massage.

1- Drink Plenty Of Water: 

Drinking lots of water is the first thing you have to make sure of doing after a massage. The massage tends to increase circulation, which makes the body use water faster than normal. In such a condition, you will experience dehydration. Therefore, it is a must to drink lots of water to make speedy circulation sustainable.

2- Walk: 

Although rest is a mandatory thing that you have to do after a massage, it does not mean that you lay in your bed for the next 24 hours. You walk and roam around and make your body relax and apt in working flow. But it must be an amble and not a fast walk.

3- Light Exercise: 

You can also do light exercises like stretches and bends. But do not do strenuous exercises like power yoga, weight lifting, running and aerobics. You can exercise with a ball but do not put your sweat and blood into the game. Do the exercises that your massage therapist has guided.

4- Take A Bath: 

The fourth thing that will give you and your muscles complete composure and calmness is a hot shower. Heat increases the blood flow in the body and helps in relaxing your muscles.

Bottom Line

It is clear that you must wait at least 24 hours before doing exercise and training after a sports massage. Instead, you should focus on doing rest, simple exercises, and drinking water.

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