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Effective Surgical Treatments for GERD

People suffering from GERD and its associated complications must seek out a doctor. 

If the treatment and lifestyle modifications are found to be ineffective in treating the disease the best option is to consider an operation to alleviate the symptoms. 

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Patients who are advised to undergo surgery should consult a General Surgeon located in Lahore. The specialist will instruct the patient on the post-surgery care benefits, disadvantages, and advantages of the procedure.

Scope of Surgery

When a patient diagnosed with GERD is suffering from issues such as an esophagus that is inflamed, the doctor may recommend surgery. 

The inflammation may result in ulcers and bleeding that make it difficult to swallow food. Surgery can help to manage their symptoms and offer relief for the patient.

Types of Surgeries that can be used to treat GERD

There are a variety of surgical options for treating GERD for example:

1. Fundoplication

The procedure is among the popular surgical procedure used to treat GERD. The procedure is designed to strengthen and tighten the lower esophageal muscle. 

It is an open procedure where the surgeon creates an incision long. The surgeon is able to gain access to the stomach. The procedure is found to be ineffective and the patient is not afflicted with any symptoms in the long run.

Prior to the procedure, it is essential that the patient provide their medical and family background information. 

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Furthermore, the patient is required not to eat food for the day prior to the procedure. The medicine prior to the procedure will aid in cleansing the bowels.

2. Linx Surgery

The procedure uses a device called Linx to help strengthen the sphincter. It is a less-invasive surgery and the patient is able to recover in a short period of time. 

Furthermore, the patient experiences less pain following the procedure.

3. Bard Endo Cinch System

The procedure utilizes an endoscope for strengthening the LES. The stitches create pleats in the lower esophageal muscle. 

This is not a brand new procedure and is expensive in comparison to other surgical alternatives.

4. Stretta Procedure

The procedure involves an endoscope. An electrode is located at the tip of the tube, which is heated by the tissue of the esophageal region to make small cuts. 

These cuts assist in forming scar tissue, which stops the nerves from reacting with acid reflux. The procedure is more affordable contrasted to the fundoplication procedure. It is however an innovative surgical procedure and its long-term efficacy is undetermined.

5. Transoral Incision-free Fundoplication

Someone who is unable to undergo fundoplication needs to go for TIF. The device called EsophyX is introduced into the oral cavity of the sufferer. 

The procedure assists in creating folds in the base of the esophagus in order to lessen the effects of GERD. It's a non-invasive operation that will provide comfort to patients.

Pros and Cons of Surgery for GERD

The benefits are:

  • The procedure may aid the patient in functioning without medication.
  • It may help prevent complications like inflammation in the esophagus.

The negatives are:

  • A majority of procedures can be expensive.
  • Opting for open surgery could be required to take a break for 2 months in order to prevent any more complications.


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