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Epilepsy Surgery (both pediatric and adults)

At least 20% of epilepsy cases remain intractable even with the best medication treatment that in addition often lead to very disturbing side effects. The consequences of this include: denied driving license, social isolation, job loss and, more importantly, real life threatening situations due to the injuries produced by the patient’s seizures.

Recurrent seizures cause neuronal loss function, which almost always results in the deterioration of the memory function. It is particularly damaging in early childhood where repeated seizures stop psychomotor development. It is a priority to control seizures before the child reaches eight years of age, at which point the brain has almost completely developed, in order to avoid permanent psychomotor impairment.

When seizures remain refractory for more than one year, a presurgical evaluation is recommended. The main component of this evaluation is a video-EEG monitoring during several days to allow seizure recording for computerized analysis in order to disclose and localize the origin in the brain of those seizures.

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