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Foot Care & Diabetes: What to Know About the Link?

The most common complication of diabetes is the diabetic foot. Those who have sugar in their bloodstream for extended durations might suffer serious complications of diabetes, such as foot problems. Anyone can experience foot infections and other foot problems, but diabetic patients are more likely to experience serious complications.

Fungal infection is quite common in diabetic patients. People with fungal infection of nails might experience extremely brittle, discolored, or crumbling nails. The infection can develop into a serious problem if you let it go untreated for long.

Diabetic patients need to pay special attention to the fungal infection, as it can lead to amputation. You might need diabetic foot surgery in Navi Mumbai if your nerve is damaged completely. If you experience any issue with your foot, it’s advisable to book an appointment with the diabetes specialist doctor in Vashi and get treatment for your condition as soon as possible.


Diabetes might damage your nerves. Chances are you will not feel cold, heat, and any other sensation on your feet if the nerves are damaged. Neuropathy is a serious medical issue that might make you lose the feet sensation and make you vulnerable to other feet and nail infections.

If you develop a cut or a sore on your feet, you will not notice it due to nerve damage. This might further escalate the problem and make the cut worse. Besides that, it might cause foot misalignment issues.

Peripheral Vascular Disease

The improper blood flow to your bloodstream can lead to peripheral vascular disease, a condition that might delay the healing process. Simply put, people suffering from peripheral vascular disease might face difficulty in treating the sores and cuts. The condition affects your arm and foot mainly. Due to the irregular blood flow to your feet, you might develop a serious foot infection that can turn into ulcers and gangrene if not treated.

Tips for Diabetic Foot Care

As mentioned earlier, the diabetic foot can lead to complications if it isn’t treated. Just because you do not feel any pain from the cuts or sores doesn’t mean your feet are healthy and clean. Put a mirror below your feet to check whether or not your feet are alright. Watch out for the skin color, crumbling nails, and other unusual cuts on your skin. Here are a few steps you can consider for keeping your foot in a good and healthy condition.

  1. Keep your blood sugar levels in check. The improper blood flow in your bloodstream is the most common reason that causes diabetic foot. Follow the nutrition, exercise, and medications prescribed by your doctor to control your blood sugar levels.
  2. Rinse your feet with lukewarm water and before you put your feet in the water, check the water temperature with your elbow.
  3. Watch your feet for blisters, cuts, unusual bumps, inflammation, calluses, redness, and other such issues.
  4. You can use lotion if you have dry feet but consult different doctors for diabetes in Navi Mumbai before using any lotion or cream on your skin.

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