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Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs Are Perfect for Oversized People

If you are obese, finding a perfect wheelchair for you might be an impossible task. You will not fit in most of the wheelchairs because of your body weight. If you use a manual wheelchair, the one where you have to push it around might make you tired easily. So in this scenario, all you need is a heavy-duty power wheelchair that can reduce your stress.


The term heavy duty might have confused you, but do not worry. It is an oversize wheelchair so that anyone can fit in it. A heavy-duty wheelchair runs on electrical power, so you do not have to depend on others to push it. Below we have listed some advantages you will get from using heavy-duty equipment.


  • Not oversize, but suit your size


You may wonder how you will fit in an oversize wheelchair. What if it will be too big for you to fit into it? Do not worry, as these heavy-duty wheelchairs are adjustable to fit any shape irrespective of age. It has adaptable, wider, and taller seats to make you feel comfortable.  


  • Heavy-duty refers to the weight capacity


Heavy-duty refers to the heavyweight capacity of the device. A heavy-duty power wheelchair can hold over five hundred pounds and are exceptionally durable with little maintenance.


  • Adjustable to fit in anywhere


As these wheelchairs are bigger than the usual ones, one will think they will not adjust everywhere. But it’s flexible technique can make it go through any narrow passage. The automation system installed in these devices will make your journey smoother, irrespective of surfaces.


  • Makes you independent


Most people consider an immobile life as a dependent one. But with the use of heavy-duty wheelchairs, you can stroll around anywhere without anyone's help. Since the device runs on electrical power, the user can control everything. You only have to charge the battery of the equipment.


Bottom line


So if you are an overweight person who is facing the issue of immobility after surgery due to some health conditions, a heavy-duty wheelchair is a saviour to you. It will not only give you immense freedom in movement but will also keep you active in your day-to-day life. 


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