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Hip Replacement Surgery for young Patient by Dr.Shailendra Patil in Thane

Many Young Patients in India who suffer from acute hip pain often due to AVN of the hip joint. If their hip pain is not treated in time they often bed ridden. This mostly occurs due to severe damage to the hip joint. In such cases alternate therapies prove ineffective in treating the root cause. Such patients eventually need a Hip replacement. However, most conventional hip implants available in India can only be used on patients above 30 years. This is because the life of such implants is very less and patient has to undergo revision surgery later in life. Also, the quality of life is not optimal for patients in their twenties.

Until now most young patients had to live a bed ridden life for years until they were eligible for hip surgery. However, Dr. Shailendra Patil a Hip Surgeon in Thane has introduced a hip Implant in Thane which is ideal for young patients. Patients as young as 21 can undergo Hip replacement.

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