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How Can One Conquer the Fear of Knee and Hip Surgery?

Do you know 90% of osteoarthritis patients delay hip and knee replacement surgery? From workload to taking care of the elderly, there can be many reasons why you may want to delay the surgery.

Surprisingly, some people can afford the surgical procedure but are simply worried about the pain they might have to endure, the post-recovery phase, mobility issues, and more. People fear being vulnerable after surgery or having to stay in bed for weeks and months for a proper recovery.

Fear of Joint Replacement Surgery - Is It Normal?

While it’s normal to be a little stressed, this fear of joint replacement surgery can develop into anxiety. You may not realize it now, but this anxiety could impact the results of the surgery and your post-recovery period. The more calm a patient is during the surgery, the sooner they are likely to recover.

Most importantly, it is easier for the orthopedic surgeon in Thane to perform surgery on patients that take the news with a positive attitude. So, in this post, we will discuss a few ways you can overcome the fear of knee and hip surgery. Let’s get started.

Check Testimonials of Other Patients

Any type of surgical procedure might sound daunting initially, which is absolutely normal.  Instead of listening to others, check out the testimonials of patients who have experienced the same surgery. This will give you a better understanding of what the patients experience, the total time the surgery takes, the recovery period, possible complications, and other issues.

It’s better to learn from those who have gone through the same surgery, instead of taking others’ words. Besides, you will feel a little easy knowing that you are not the only one experiencing the surgery. Some patients even watch YouTube videos of knee replacement surgery to get an idea of what exactly is done. While that may work for some, it is not advisable to watch surgeons perform the surgery live on patients.

Tell Your Surgeon How You are Feeling

Dr. Shailendra Patil is one of the experienced knee specialists in Mulund. He is willing to listen to you and give you reassurance. If you are anxious about the procedure or you are not sure if you should get the surgery, talk to him. Discuss your problems with him and get all your answers from a professional and experienced surgeon. Remember that no one can provide you with more accurate information about surgical treatments than someone who has performed surgeries and has seen patients recover.

Practice Mindfulness

The main issue with pre-surgical anxiety is that its side effects last even after the surgery is over. You may experience a slow rehabilitation after the joint replacement surgery. Mindfulness is all about living in the present, instead of worrying about the consequences of the surgery and how it will affect your future. You can try meditation and simple exercises as recommended by your hip replacement surgeon in Thane for mindfulness.


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