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About Internet Medical Society is the home site of the "Internet Medical Society" (IMS,, a worldwide, independent organization  funded in 2005. IMS is aimed at promoting best practices in the use of internet in medical practice and medical education. We provide a broad range of educational activities and opportunities for doctors and allied healthcare professionals. We also aim to promote an exchange of information and ideas on the science and practice of medicine, both within the health professions and with responsible and informed public opinion.

As the world's health care systems continue to evolve, the IMS is dedicated to ensuring sustainable physician practices that result in better health outcomes for patients. This work is captured in the IMS's strategic plan, which aims to ensure that enhancements to health care worldwide are physician-led, advance the physician-patient relationship, and ensure that health care costs can be prudently managed.

We are one of the largest providers of continuing medical education worldwide. We provide accredited courses for continuing professional development, which is so vital in allowing doctors, nurses, surgeons and other healthcare professionals their continuing freedom to practice. 

We receive no state funding to carry out our core work and are dependent on generous donations and legacies. Please, consider donating.

You can become an associate member of IMS just by registering in and joining this group. In order to become a full member of ISM, please fill in this form.

Projects and Websites

-, the international medical publisher

-, the online medical library

-, the medical academy on the net

-, news on health and medicine

Working groups

Currently we have 5 WG:

Joining as member

Why joining? so that you can be part of a courageous professional society that will have significant and positive impact on the health care environment. No other physician group has more resources, expertise and opportunity to improve the future of health care in the world than the IMS.

Play a key role: as a member, you can help shape a better health care future in ways that enhance both physician and patient satisfaction. Utilize your experience and expertise in IMS activities, meetings, online communities and grassroots initiatives for candid discourse and the exchange of ideas.

Save money:  take full advantage of publications and resources driven by innovation and physician leadership. Our publications cover the most current, comprehensive knowledge at hand. In addition you can get discounts for reading and publishing books and journals. You will have free access to, our online medical library and 50% discount in fees for publishing open access in our medical journals.

Support for your career:  whether you’re re-entering practice, have just started your own practice, are negotiating an employment contract with a hospital, have completed residency or been accepted into medical school, IMS membership offers you practical time- and money-saving resources every step of the way. Fighting for physician- and patient- friendly laws at worldwide level, working to enact viable alternative payment models, taking a stand against over-regulation or providing legal support to physicians: we’re making progress through the involvement of physicians like you. Stay current and involved in this critical work worldwide. Become an IMS member today.

Membership Types

Full Members:

  • May vote in IMS's elections
  • Are eligible for election to Governance teams
  • May serve as preceptors of fellowship training programs sponsored by IMS
  • May serve as abstract reviewers of contributed papers
  • May serve on certain standing committees or as a committee chair
  • May be elected a Fellow of the IMS

Applying for Full Membership
Full Membership in the International Medical Society is based on past and present contributions to clinical medicine practice, research, education, and professional leadership.Associate Membership has a fee of 30€/year. For joining as full member, please fill in the IMS Membership Application

Associate Members:

  • May use the private sites of this website
  • May serve on most standing committees of the society

Applying for Associate Membership
All people registered at is considered an IMS Associate Member. You just need to register in our social net and answer "Yes" to the IMS Membership question. Associate Membership is free.


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