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Lenalidomide 10 MG Capsules: An Oral Therapy for MM, MCL

Lenalidomide capsules 10 mg is aimed to treat multiple myeloma, mantle cell lymphoma-MCL, which is a kind of cancer. The capsule is not prescribed to patients aged less than 18 years. The lenalidomide 10 mg is also not given to females who are pregnant. The medication is given along with other medicinal products. Cough, nausea, chest pain, dry mouth, sore throat are some of the side effects associated with Lenalidomide. This drug for MM, mantle cell lymphoma is more beneficial when taken persistently every day. Appropriate dosage of the 10mg Lenalidomide Capsules, in case administered in the prescribed manner, effectively stops the progression of the cancerous cells. In some cases, Lenalidomide is used to treat severe anemia as well.

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