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Maze Surgery in India: Get Healthy Heart This Christmas With Better Care


Maze is a surgical treatment used to treat atrial fibrillation. A medical doctor creates a pattern of scar tissue (the maze) within the higher chambers of the heart via making use of heat (radiofrequency energy) or cold (cryoablation). Or, the physician makes use of a scalpel to make numerous particular incisions. This approach is more complicated and takes longer. Because scar tissue would not carry electricity, it interferes with stray electric impulses that reason atrial fibrillation.

Who needs maze surgery in India?

The maze process is a surgical remedy for atrial fibrillation inflammation. It’s used to control the irregular heartbeat and repair the normal rhythm of the heart. Your doctor may suggest the maze technique if at the least one of the following descriptions is genuine about you:

  • Rhythm-control treatment has no longer worked to alleviate your symptoms from atrial fibrillation.
  • You have got symptoms of atrial fibrillation, and you're having some other heart surgical treatment.
  • You are having some other heart surgical treatment, and including the maze technique isn't too risky.
  • You cannot have catheter ablation; otherwise you favor to have surgical treatment.
  • You have already had catheter ablation; however you continue to have atrial fibrillation.

How much does it cost to have a maze surgery in India?

Patients from other countries may be pleasantly surprised to know that the cost of maze surgery in India is 65 to 80% lower. Such cost advantage was accomplished due hospitals in India have the human recourses, infrastructure, equipment and technology to provide the best medical services in an efficient and effective way. As hospitals gained experiences, they become more efficient and kept costs down. Those patients had glaringly come to their decisions after their research confirmed that they are able to get higher quality medical attention and related offerings at a much lower costs in India.

Which are the best surgeons and top hospital for maze surgery in India?

Maze surgery is performed with the aid of a number of the most experienced and best cardiac surgeons in India. Those cardiac surgeons are completely equipped with the expertise to conduct all kinds of treatments for arrhythmias, together with atrial fibrillation. The treatment for atrial fibrillation treatment in India is performed after a thorough diagnosis and assessment by a heart specialist. There are several best hospitals for maze surgery in India. These hospitals are positioned in the key metropolitan and other cities which can be well-connected with all major countries thru direct flights. Other than low atrial fibrillation treatment cost in India, patients choose to come to the country for treatment of maze surgery due to the better quality of treatment, availability of notably skilled medical doctors and no waiting time for treatment, among other motives.

What is the survival rate for maze surgery in India?

Maze surgery in India has a high success rate. Approximately 70 to 95% of people are free of atrial fibrillation long term after the technique. Up to 35 percent may still need medicines to help manage their irregular coronary heart rhythm. If your atrial fibrillation returns, you can want some other catheter ablation or other treatment. If you develop a slow heart rhythm after your maze approach, your doctor might also suggest you've got a pacemaker implanted.

How to get free consultation?

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