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Mid-Wheel Drive Power Chairs: Most Stable with Tightest Turning Radius

If any of your family members have been using power wheelchairs, you are aware of the fact that power wheelchairs come with different kinds of driving wheels. Front wheel, mid wheel and back wheel drive are three kinds of drives available in power chairs in the marketplace. To put simply, the drive wheels are present in front in the front-wheel drive power chairs; in mid-wheel chairs, the driving wheels are located directly below the user’s seat and in the rear-wheel drive, the driving wheels are present in the back.

These different drive wheels have different pros and cons. For instance, front wheel drive wheelchairs are ideal for an average weighted person and rear wheel drive power chairs are suitable for heavy weight users. However, these drives have disadvantages also. For example, both front and rear wheel drive power chairs have poor turning radius. So, if you want to purchase the right kind of chair, you must need to acquaint yourself with the pros and cons of each kind of a wheelchair.

When to Purchase Mid-Wheel Power Chairs?

If you are considering purchasing mid-wheel power chairs, some of the facts associated with them are as follows:

  1. Mid-wheel power chairs offer the maximum stability as these wheelchairs have six wheels on the ground including 4 caster wheels and two drive wheels.
  2. These wheelchairs are highly manoeuvrable and facilitate complete 360-degree turn. You can easily navigate with tight corners or spaces in your homes by using mid-wheel driving power chairs.
  3. These chairs ensure smooth and safe ride on all kinds of surfaces, side slopes and inclines. Even small bumps and curbs are easy to handle with mid-wheel drive power chairs.

The mid-wheel drive electric wheelchairs are ideal to consider if you are looking for stability and want to use the power wheelchair in the home only. With this wheelchair, any person can complete his daily tasks like cooking, grooming and toileting with ease. So, if you want to purchase these power chairs, you can check out the collection of online suppliers. You can even take these wheelchairs on affordable rental rates by speaking to a reputed online supplier.

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