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Mommy Makeover – Like You Always Were, or Even Better!

Nothing parallels the joy of being a mother. However, it comes with a lot of challenges, one if those too and being losing your prepregnancy shape and tight skin.  Pregnancy is associated with some desirable weight and stretching of skin, but back in your healthy figure. Some of the changes like stretch marks, looseness of skin of the breasts and stomach can be permanent even after weight loss. The procedures involved with restoration of the figure are often known as "Mommy Makeover".


What is mommy makeover?


A mommy makeover refers to the use of a set of cosmetic procedures, specifically developed to help mothers regain their pre pregnancy shape and figure and often improve it after they have completed their families. Some procedures can be done between pregnancies as well.

It may include different surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures depending on the individual needs.


Goals of a mommy makeover


Many of the changes of becoming a mother can be seen just after the delivery.  Some of these are reversal and some are permanent.  The main areas that affected are the chest, abdomen, waist, and buttocks. The abdomen tends to get loose, has stretch marks and often a weakness between the muscles called diastasis. There may be facial pigmentation and varicose or spider veins as well. The goals of Mommy Makeover procedures are to address as many of these concerns as possible.



Procedures performed

The common procedures often performed as a part of Mommy makeover are

  • Breast Lift: A mommy makeover corrects the sagging of the breasts
  • Breast Augmentation or Reduction: It further restores the volume if too little or reduces it if excessive
  • Restoring Symmetry: The procedure further helps improve breast symmetry
  • Alveolar Reduction: It also repairs stretched out or large nipple area
  • Abdominoplasty: Removal   the excess of sagging skin around the abdomen
  • Diastasis Repair: It repairs the stretched out or separated abdominal muscles


Key points to remember for your mommy makeover


  1. This mommy makeover is often performed as an in-patient procedure under general anesthesia. The benefit is that you can have multiple procedures done at the same time
  2. After mommy makeover you will need a few weeks of recovery so plan accordingly.
  3. Most of the swelling and healing   takes six weeks and you are advised to not lift heavy objects or children during this period. The final results can take from six months or up to one year
  4. If you are someone who smokes, you need to know it increases complications and slows down the process of healing. Most importantly you need to quit for at least several weeks before and after the procedure to keep the procedure safe.
  5. Stick to a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain and enhance your results.

When to have the mommy makeover?


Mommy makeover requires you and your surgeon to decide when you are fit enough to get through the surgery procedure.


  • Before undergoing complete Mommy makeover surgery, you need to have completed the family or at least decided not to get pregnant for next several years.
  • Breastfeeding should be over with.
  • Non-surgical and some surgical procedures can be planned between pregnancies

 The process and the results can be very satisfying with the right surgeon, right procedure and the right candidate.



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