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Steps You Must Take for Planning a Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancies are unplanned for most people. While that is totally okay, some women experience complications because of unplanned pregnancies. Gynecologists believe that a couple should plan pregnancy to ensure maximum protection for the child and mother.

A planned pregnancy can reduce the risk of complications. It is always better to discuss your pregnancy goals, current or previous medical condition, and other health concerns with a gynecologist before you plan a pregnancy.

Here’s how it is done.

Health Discussion with the Gynecologist: Discuss your condition with the best gynecologist in Thane for health evaluation. At this point, you need to mention any medical risks due to past health issues or any medical history, such as a history of diabetes, epilepsy, or other chronic illness. Also, tell the doctor about the medication you are currently taking.

Fertility: Pregnancy planning also includes fertility planning, in which your doctor suggests the best time for you to have sexual intercourse, ideally when you are most fertile. Couples having regular sexual intercourse but are unable to conceive should talk to a fertility specialist. Usually, they recommend you try to conceive for a year before reaching out to a fertility specialist.

Avoid Harmful Substances: Some women experience irregular bleeding—getting menses in 2-3 months or bleeding twice a month. It can also mean spotting between your periods. This makes it difficult for women to understand pregnancy symptoms until they start noticing the apparent symptoms. It is, therefore, important to plan your pregnancy, so you don’t take any harmful substance unknowingly while you are pregnant.

Why Should You Consider Pregnancy Planning?

Medical conditions, such as diabetes and thyroid, put you at higher risk of complications during pregnancy. These health issues also pose a health risk for the fetus. If you have diabetes, thyroid, epilepsy, kidney disease, heart disease, and other chronic conditions, you should talk to the top gynae surgeon In Thane West.

For instance, a diabetic woman planning to conceive needs to regularly check her blood sugar levels to prevent any complications from high glucose in the blood. Additionally, the doctor might ask you to take a few tests to identify any severe infection so they can take steps to protect your child from getting infected.

Planned pregnancy is also a must for women addicted to alcohol and substance abuse. People with mental health illnesses also need to take counseling and other mental therapies before trying to conceive. Whether a chronic illness or substance abuse, any medical condition needs to be addressed before planning pregnancy.

Is Unplanned Pregnancy Bad for Fetus and Mother?

Unplanned pregnancies go well for many couples. In fact, for most people, pregnancy is not planned. However, it is really important to discuss your medical condition with a specialist if you have any medical history. For example, abnormal thyroid levels can increase your risk of miscarriage, pre-term labor, and low IQ in kids. Similarly, high blood sugar levels can pose a health risk for the mother and fetus.


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