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Symptoms And Risk:What Should You Know About Leucorrhoea? Why You Must Care?

Women who are in their early reproductive age are likely to experience the symptoms of Leucorrhea. It is a common medical condition that results in thick yellowish or whitish vaginal discharge. It is natural for women to feel embarrassed and worried about this white discharge and the root cause of the issue. This discharge could indicate a common infection, but there is nothing to worry about. Usually, ladies experience the issue when they are about to have their first menstrual cycle.

In other words, girls in their early teens might experience yellowish or whitish vaginal discharge a few weeks before their menstrual cycle begins. Similarly, the white discharge is quite common when the woman experiences a sexual fantasy. While it may seem embarrassing to some, whitish vaginal discharge is absolutely normal. In fact, it is quite important for vaginal lubrication.

A normal amount of vaginal discharge will not affect your health and neither is it a medical concern. However, if you start to experience a considerable amount of white discharge, then it may indicate a vaginal infection. This can get even more embarrassing if it is accompanied by a foul smell.

Symptoms of Leucorrhoea

Leucorrhea could be an uncomfortable and embarrassing medical condition. Women might experience a few medical symptoms that might feel extremely inconvenient. The vaginal discharge doesn’t mean you are suffering from leucorrhea, but if it’s accompanied by intense vaginal itching or bleeding, then it is better to get the issue diagnosed as soon as possible.

Women suffering from leucorrhea can suffer from uncontrollable itchiness, smelly discharge, vaginal bleeding, and extreme pain in the lower abdomen. If you have been experiencing these symptoms, then visit a certified gynecologist in Thane Ghodbunder and get your condition checked.

Causes of Leucorrhoea

As mentioned earlier, women who are facing pre-menstrual symptoms might experience Leucorrhoea. Other causes of leucorrhea include infection of the pelvis and other female reproductive organs, infection due to medical contraceptives, emotional issues, hormonal changes, and other medical conditions.

If the amount of vaginal discharge increases or it comes and goes from time to time, then it’s probably a sign you might be suffering from Leucorrhea. Leucorrhea can be a serious issue if the patient suffers from vaginal bleeding along with white or yellowish discharge.

Leucorrhoea might increase at the beginning of the pregnancy. It is normal, but you must consider getting the issue checked with the gynecologist in Khopat if you are experiencing severe symptoms of Leucorrhea.

While women may confuse these symptoms with a vaginal infection, it’s important to note that vaginal discharge is absolutely harmless. In fact, some amount of vaginal discharge is essential. It will keep your vagina free from impurities and other infections. The thickness of this mucus-like substance could vary from woman to woman. Some might experience a thick and milky discharge, while others have thin and slippery whitish vaginal discharge accompanied by a foul smell. It is also common in women that have had surgery done by a Laparoscopic Gynaec surgeon in Thane.




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