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Telemedicine or teleconsultation allows patients to communicate with a healthcare provider using technology instead of physically visiting a doctor’s clinic or hospital. You can discuss symptoms, medical issues and more with a doctor in real-time using video, online portals, and email. You can receive a diagnosis, learn the treatment options and get a prescription.

The advancement of technology allows us to get teleconsultation services for eczema through online portals. There are video software and apps managed by companies offering digital health consultation services to patients from the comfort of their homes. Moreover, booking an online appointment with a doctor for eczema during this unprecedented time is a better option to minimize getting out of your homes.

In this post, we’ll answer a few frequently asked questions people have about telemedicine for eczema:

How can patients use teleconsultation?

When feeling under the weather or having queries about health, you can schedule an appointment with a general physician online. Teleconsultation is also suitable for after-hour care such as for eczema in children. With the advances in communication technology, you can receive medical advice and care anytime, anywhere, without leaving your homes through online doctor consultation services. 

How do digital health consultation services work?

Teleconsultation is quite useful for simple issues and follow-up consultations for skin infections by booking a virtual consultation with a doctor to discuss the symptoms. You can avail this service 24/7 anytime, anywhere. Additionally, you can chat through your needs and get prescriptions through online portals offering this service. You can also receive a consultation for rashes, dry, itchy, red skin, insect bites, colds, sore throats, etc.

Is there a difference between telemedicine and telehealth?

Though both the terms sound the same, there is a slight difference between them. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), telemedicine is healing or receiving treatment without scheduling an appointment with a doctor or visiting their clinic.

Telehealth involves using electronic information and telecommunications technologies that support and promote a long-distance way to improve patient care and physician education. It expands beyond telemedicine and includes scheduling appointments, continuing medical education, and physical training. 

How can I prepare for an online appointment with a doctor?

You can follow the steps below to prepare for a video consultation with your doctor:

  1. Book your online doctor consultation.
  2. Ensure to set up your video appointment in a well-lit area, so that your doctor can see the eczema skin condition and prescribe appropriate treatment.
  3. Check whether the room you have to choose to get your teleconsultation has a strong internet connection.
  4. Always test the camera and microphone of your smartphones, laptops, PC’s before the video consult with the doctor.
  5. Prepare a set of questions you want to ask your GP about eczema.
  6. Share the list of medications your child with eczema is already taking.
  7. Inform about the skin condition, symptoms and family history details with the doctor.
  8. Click good resolution photos of the eczema skin to share with the GP via upload function.
  9. Take multiple pictures from different angles without camera shake, to help the doctor understand the skin condition and recommend effective treatment.
  10. Be considerate about the allowed consultation time so that other patients seeking medical help can receive their treatments.

What technologies are used during a health consult online?

There are three types of technologies used in doctor consultation online:

  1. Interactive medicine or live medical consultation is when physicians and patients communicate in real-time.
  2. The patient medical record is maintained by the provider. The patient need to register every time for the appointment. They can simply book an appointment and get to e-meet the doctor on the same day. 

What equipment is needed for digital health consultation?

Digital health consultation technology requires an internet connection, Mobile phone with a video facility, teleconsultation app pre installed on the mobile phone and well-lit space. As darker room will cause inconvenience for doctors to diagnose the health concerns of the patient. 

Personal comfort with medical exams, diagnosis and communication will also factor into a positive experience during the online medical consult visits. 

Where can I get the best online medical consultation services?

Booking an online appointment with a doctor is more accessible and affordable with the services offered at KidsGainHealth. Moreover, it can help you to reduce the time spent in the clinic’s waiting room. Now mothers can manage their child’s eczema rashes and other skin infections caused by continuous itching and scratching. You can now avail the virtual medical consultation service by becoming a member, after purchasing products worth $58 and above from our e-store. For more information, checkout telemedicine for child eczema here

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