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The High Risk of Delaying Knee Replacement Surgery

Patients suffering from osteoarthritis have many questions on their minds. Should I get a knee replacement surgery in Mulund? What if it’s possible to treat arthritis with natural remedies combined with the prescribed medication? Is the invasive procedure necessary?

You must have read patients’ testimonials to know how they got knee replacement and how the surgery helped them lead a better and healthier life. However, the cost factor might bring you back to the question “Can I get better without knee replacement surgery?”

Well, you need to make the decision soon, as research shows that delaying knee replacement can have a serious impact on your joints. Besides, people who delay the surgery do not reap the full benefits of the surgery. The knee replacement should neither be done too soon nor be delayed.

Why You Should Get Knee Replacement Surgery on Time?

A report suggests that 90% of patients suffering from osteoarthritis delay knee replacement surgery. If you wait too long, you will end up losing the benefits the procedure offers. Research also suggests that osteoarthritis can deteriorate your physical and mental health if you wait too long to get the surgery done. These patients have lesser mobility than those who get the treatment in a timely fashion.

There can be many reasons why you may delay the surgery. For instance, if you are the sole earner in your family, you may want to delay the surgery until the holidays. Whatever the reason is, you must know that the timing of knee replacement can have a serious impact on your mobility after the surgery and the benefits of the treatment. Here are the risks involved with patients who don’t get timely treatment for osteoarthritis.

  • Excess Joint Stiffness

When your joints do not move for an extended duration, they might get inflamed and stiff. Not only are stiff joints extremely painful, but there is a high chance they will affect your mobility after surgery.  In addition to that, restricted movements affect your muscle health. Once the muscles get inflamed and thin, it is very difficult for your muscles to regain strength, even after surgery.

  • Poor Lifestyle

The more you delay the knee replacement surgery, the longer it will take you to recover. It affects your post-surgery benefits and the current lifestyle. You may not want to depend on others for basic movements. Osteoarthritis can make it super challenging for people to move, walk, sit, and carry out other daily functions effectively. So, the best you can do here is book an appointment with Dr. Shailendra Patil, an experienced and professional knee replacement surgeon in Thane, and get your knee replacement surgery scheduled as early as possible.

Delaying the knee replacement surgery can also make you interfere with the surgical procedure. The more stiff and inflamed your joints are, the more difficult it will be for the surgeon to perform the replacement surgery. The surgeon may also have to place the implant after surgery to improve your movements. So, it’s better to research the knee surgery cost in Thane and get the procedure done as soon as possible.


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