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Breast Implant Removal with En Bloc Capsulectomy by Dr Ajaya Kashyap, Delhi, India

Breast Implant Removal with En Bloc Capsulectomy

There are many reasons patients seek removal of their current breast implants. Some of them are personal, such as no longer wanting large breast size and preferring to return to their natural aesthetic. Others are medical and include implant malfunction, which includes rupture, leaking, or capsular contracture (formation of scar tissue around the implant). No matter what your reason for wanting your breast implants removed, the talented surgeons at Med Spa can help. We recommend a treatment plan based on your aesthetic goals and expectations.

What is En Bloc Capsulectomy?

Understanding en bloc capsulectomy, or total capsulectomy, procedure requires familiarity with a capsule, which is the scar tissue that forms around an implant. This is a natural reaction of the body and, in most cases, will not change in the way your implants look or feels. When removing breast implants, the capsule must always be taken into consideration.

To learn more about your options for breast implant removal with en bloc capsulectomy, contact our office today and schedule a consultation.

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