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Hip Replacement Surgery of 22 yr Old in Thane, Mumbai | Dr. Shailendra Patil

After all orthopedics rejected this 22 year old Girl for Hip Replacement Surgery, she found solace in Dr. Shailandra Patil. He recommended Anatomical Hip Replacement Surgery also know as Bone conserving Minimally Invasive Total Hip Replacement Surgery, which is ideal for young patients in their early 20's. Offering benefits like:

1. Patient gets the feel of a Natural Hip, as it Mimics Natural Hip anatomy even after replacement,
2. Faster recovery due to preservation of normal hip structure
3. Negligible Chances of Hip Dislocation
4. Very much bone conserving, hardly takes out bone from femoral neck and acetabular side,
5. Future revision surgeries (if required) become simpler due to availability of good bone stock.
6. Implants has a much Longer lifespan as compared to any conventional implant available in India today.
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Why Hip Replacement in young patients is now possible:

This is because of latest techniques coupled with new age Hip implants. Traditional hip implants generally had a life of about 20-30 years. Which meant the young patient would have to undergo a revision surgery at the age of 40.. However, traditional implants needed a big portion of the femur to gain stability. During revision surgery there is very little portion of the femur left to introduce the new implant. Hence, the end outcome were not to encouraging and often had a limp when walking. Hence, patients had to wait till they were atleast 30 to be eligible for Hip Surgery. Also, Traditional implants were prone to dislocation and highly compromised the quality of life was patients.

With the introduction of latest Anatomical Hip Implant preserves the neck portion of the femur. Hence, following the anteversion of the hip joint. This means the hip implant follows the natural anatomy of the hip joint. This highly reduces the chances of dislocation of the hip implant. While offering higher stability. Consequently, longer life to the implant.

Story of our Little Warrior who braved Cancer but Hip Pain brought her down until she had anatomical hip replacement surgery:
Siddhi had suffered from cancer at the young age of 16… she underwent various gruelling treatments. After nearly 3 years she recovered completely. However, just 6 months after recovering she started feeling pain in her hip joint on her way to college. Within just a few months she was on bed ridden due to the excruciating hip pain. The cancer treatment had taken its toll on her body. After multiple diagnostic test she was diagnosed with Avascualr Necrosis of the hip joint. She tell us how her father had to literally carry her on his back to goto hospital’s in Mumbai. The only solution being Hip replacement Surgery most orthopedic’s ruled it out looking at her age and past history.
However, someone informed her about Dr. Shailendra Patil and anatomical hip replacement (AHR) surgery. After undergoing AHR she was able to walk again on her two legs and lead a normal life again. Had she not found this solution she would have had to be bed ridden for almost 10 years. But today she is active and even went trekking in the Sahyadri mountains.

For Consultation visit
Bone and Joint Care Centre
• Aditi Hospital Mulund ‘Alhad 185/R’, Opp. Kalidas Sports Complex, Purushottam Kheraj Rd, Mulund West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400080
Currae Specialty Hospital Ground Floor, C/O Highstreet Mall, next to big bazaar, Kapurbawdi, Thane (W, Thane, Maharashtra 400607

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